The 2nd Franklin District encompasses 12 towns and the people of these towns need to have a voice that represents them in Boston. I have been asked repeatedly to be that voice. Now is the time. We need a true representation in Boston. Therefore, I have accepted the challenge and am now running for State Representative.



kids Biography:

I live in the 2nd Franklin District in Massachusetts and I am the 4th generation to live in the town of Orange. I love our area and have made the choice to raise my children here. As a mother of 6 with children ages 3 to 24 years old, and having had my grandmother live with me for over 9 years, I understand the needs of our families, elderly and veterans.

During the past 25 years, while I have been raising my children,

  • I had the full care and financial responsibility of my grandmother, who was legally blind, until her passing at age 94.
  • Taught grades 3-6, kindergarten and was a substitute teacher at a parochial school for the elementary grades  .
  • Served on the Board of Education at the North Congregational Church of New Salem.
  • Worked at Twin City Day Care.
  • Organized many events as the President of the Ladies Christian Service Society including the collection and distribution of care baskets to the home-bound.
  • Worked with the Franklin County Home Care Association, the Gardner Visiting Nurse Association, and Catholic Charities.
  • I had in my care an infant who had Cerebral Palsy and I tended to his needs for the first five years of his life. I am currently working with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation as a surrogate.

As a daughter of a man who served in three branches of the military (the Marines, Army, and Air Force, and who also served as United States Marshal), I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

As you can read I am not — and never will be — a career-minded politician. I am a motivated mother and concerned citizen that has been on the front lines of everyday life using common sense decision making. I know I would represent the towns in the 2nd Franklin District with their interests in mind.

Thank you.

God bless you and God bless our America!

Candidate for State Representative

        – Karen Anderson -